OrgChart - the flexible Organizational Chart Software

With the help of OrgChart, you have the ability to create organizational charts from LOGA, SAP, HANSALOG or other systems in a matter of seconds. Our users customise appearance and design through the extensive configuration possibilities at his or her disposal. Convince yourself of the flexibility of our software and the advantages of a direct support service by the developers. Curious? Then download our free trial software or let us demonstrate OrgChart to you conveniently via Netviewer.


  • Fully automated generation of organizational charts from your data (LOGA, SAP, HANSALOG etc.)
  • Free choice of the sheet formats
  • Import and export functions
  • Business games per drag and drop
  • Calculation functions
  • Creation of subtypes
  • Changeable shapes for appearance/presentation
  • Navigation and search functions
  • Publishing in the inter/intranet
  • Output in the following formats: PDF, HTML, SVG, Visio and PowerPoint
  • ...and many more features!

Supported systems

OrgChart is available for LOGA, SAP and HANSALOG and, in addition, can be integrated to virtually any data source. If you are using a different system or require any specific adaptation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional modules

OrgChart can be modified by optional modules according to your personal wishes. With these additional modules we can provide the special functions and unique features which are tailor-made for your purposes.

Special variations

OrgChart consists of a core, which is the same in all versions, and customised adaptation modules. This provides two fundamental advantages to your business: flexibility through self-customised modules and, just as importantly, the future security of a standard adaptable solution thanks to the constantly developing core. Hence, in addition to working with any SAP system, our OrgChart version for SAP also adapts effortlessly to your business and its special needs.

DEMO Version

Our demo version has all the functions and features of the full version, with the exception of those few restrictions depending on the selected output-format (e.g. the word 'demo' is visible in the background, or vowels will be replaced by blanks). The demo version may be tested as often as needed. Upon purchasing our software in full version, you will then receive an activation code that converts the demo version into a full working version without any restrictions.


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Searching for partners

Do you offer your own software? Would you like to enhance your product with organizational chart functions? Let us create a version which will be able to process the data from your system. The transfer of data from your system to our software occurs with a interface-file which is written exclusively by your software, unless otherwise arranged. This allows you to maintain full access control over your system. Our adaptation work is free of charge - your only investment is the time needed for the creation of the interface. We offer our partners an interesting commission model and, after arrangement, also the exclusive rights to distribute this version. If you would like to extend the possibilities of your system with a professional organizational chart solution, please contact us.


New OrgChart-Version 2.32 available in the download-area

Search function

Samples now have a search function. All our costumers can ask for the necessary php-scripts free of charge.


Smaller companies with up to 50 employees are allowed to use our software free of charge. Please ask here for a free license.

Searching for partners!

Do you offer your own software? Would you like to enhance your product with organizational chart functions?

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