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Downloads for LOGA-users:

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Downloads for SAP-users:

Including sample files. If required please request (free of charge) the suitable ABAP


Downloads for HANSALOG-users:

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OrgChart - History

Date Version Changes
2013/05/02 2.32
2011/07/05 2.31
  • Changed user-interface:
    • Integrated property-window
    • Integrated search-window
    • Integrated symbol-preview
  • Bugfix
  • Changes in detail
2010/06/16 2.30
  • Intranet-Support (searching, dynamic extra information)
  • Search function is more comfortable
  • Shape-editor with enlarged drawing area
  • Layout-logic:
    • New options for leading child
    • Multiple sortings
    • Wallpaper: extended explorer-logic with definable startlevel
  • LOGA-Version:
    • Increased number of userfields
  • Bugfix
  • Changes in detail
2009/11/20 2.29
  • Direct HTML-Output without using Visio or Powerpoint
  • Changing of the standard working directory
  • Consistent proportions can now be set for Wallpaper organizational charts, so the aspect ratio is constant
  • New function PDF-Tools:
    • Merger: combines various PDF-files (e.g. 'MultiCharts') into one single file. After using this function many files can easily be printed out with a single command.
    • Splitter: creates one file with many pages from a large wallpaper organisational chart by allowing the page size to be defined. This allows for the easy printing of the entire organisational chart over several pages in the desired format e.g. A4. The feature from the PDF Merger is also implemented here and allows to merge various PDF-files together.
  • Online-Help in PDF-format now accessible from the menu bar
  • Bugfix
  • Changes in detail
2009/07/14 2.28
  • Selectable Background-Color
  • Gradients for Symbols / Background
  • Bugfix
2008/12/15 2.27
  • Update for LOGA 9.0 (changed interface)
    • new output option "ALL" from LOGA (simultaneous export via locations and via positions)
      in this case persons via location1 are set to SubTyp1 and persons via location2 are set to SubTyp2
  • Toolbox
    • HANSALOG-Version: module VDI (Variable Dataimport)
  • Multichart-Creation:
    • the last loaded Multichart is opened automatically
    • optional automatic closure for the Dialog
    • different output paths possible
  • multiple use by the same user possible
  • in File-Page setup the fields can now be alligned - top, center or bottom
  • userdefined fields can be renamed
2008/02/07 2.25
  • Dynamically connected informations in File-Page Setup
  • Integrated Toolbox with optional modules:
    • All versions: module Properties
    • LOGA-versions: module Scout-Import
  • Bugfix
2007/09/10 2.24
  • Bugfix
  • Update for HANSALOG (changed interface)
2007/04/18 2.23
  • Staff-level also possible in Wallpaper-mode (positioning vertically with criteria)
  • Adjustable offset for navigation-shadows
  • Changed Powerpoint-Output (allows easier manual rework)
    • Connectors are used instead of lines
    • Better grouping for symbols
  • Photos and logos can be used in gif-format (alternatively to bmp and jpg-format)
  • Adjustable tree-sequence
  • Changes in detail
2006/12/15 2.22
  • Update for LOGA 7.0 (changed interface)
  • New registration, now independent from the used hardware
  • Multi-client capability (for data processing centers)
  • The leading object can be sorted to the top
  • Adjustable path for configurations
  • MultiCharts have more possibilities for "Details in parent node"
2006/09/14 2.19
  • Bugfix
2006/09/07 2.18
  • Write-protection for configurations can be set from the user interface
2006/02/15 2.16
  • Update for LOGA 6.2 (changed interface)
  • New form for editing properties
  • Photos and logos can be used in bmp-format (alternatively to jpg-format)
2005/12/15 2.14
  • Update for LOGA 6.0 (changed interface)
  • Multilingual downloads available
2005/11/15 2.13
  • Update for LOGA 5.11 (changed interface)
2005/09/30 2.12
  • Update for LOGA 5.10 (changed interface)
  • Shadow-color for linked shapes can be set
2005/08/16 2.11
  • Update for LOGA 5.8 (changed interface)
2005/03/31 2.09
  • Wallpaper-mode can be created in Explorer style
2004/10/12 2.08
  • New Shape-Editor:
    • Shapes can be copied
    • Shapes can overlap each other (set the Z-sequence)
    • Transparent shapes possible
    • Additional to ovals and rectangles lines are also available now
    • Line styles can be configured (pattern, weight, color and transparency)
  • Line styles for connectors can be configured (pattern, weight, color and transparency)
  • Further positioning possibilities for Company logos
2004/06/17 2.06
  • In the wallpaper-mode the shapes can be placed in group-mode
  • Navigation in group-mode can be switched between arrow or shadow navigation
2004/04/21 2.04
  • Company logo in all formats available
  • Minimum size for the Wallpaper-mode can be set
  • Organizational charts in wallpaper-mode can be created for defined numbers of levels
  • Organizational charts in wallpaper-mode have one more adjustable distance
  • Visio files can now be converted to htm-files
2004/01/14 2.01
  • Now compatible with all versions of Visio from 2000 - 2003
  • Support of Visio 5.0 cancelled
2003/12/14 2.00
  • Changed user-interface
  • New functions affecting the leading object
2003/08/25 1.5
  • Enhanced import functions
  • Free of charge ABAP for connecting with SAP-systems available
2002/12/18 1.4
  • Organizational charts can now also be created as svg-files
  • New functionality: MultiCharts
  • Enhanced configuration possibilities for the wallpaper-mode
  • Sorting possibilities by SubTypes
  • Adjustable paths for templates, outputs etc.
2002/07/10 1.3
  • Organizational charts can be created in PowerPoint-format
2002/03/15 1.2
  • Photos can be added to persons
  • Organizational charts can be created in the wallpaper-mode

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